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It’s the edge of Autumn with
the evening light stretched over
the fields. Snagging on
trees and fraying into each glass….
To be honest it looks like a
bomb has gone off in Sainsbury’s. Rolls
tumbled in the grass, crisps blown everywhere
and the £5 picnic chairs mutely screaming under
a snoring heap.
They’ve all come to mark an afternoon.
A stretch surrounded by rustling leaves,
green lines.
It’s a moment seized from the blur before
the suits go back on and the grey lines tie them down again
stretching skyways in sheets of glass and steel.
This will be 6th September- Picnic in the park,
‘Oh Yes it was absolutely lovely darling’
marked from the other days in their colour blocked diaries.
Tangled up in other lines.

Rosalind Banks

Catkins and Waterbird – Alexander Darby & Ksenia Harwood

Two new short films, Catkins and Waterbird, written and directed by Alexander Darby, and produced by Ksenia Harwood, are being shot this summer and will be released then.
Waterbird, slightly reminiscent of Tennessee Williams’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, follows the story of a friendship torn by death and guilt, before the final overcoming of grief and the tribute to the former bond. It has been written last summer, and has been considerably edited to make it simpler and more character-orientated. The initial conflict between friends has especially been modified, but the final dialogue of the short is close to the original.

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Love is nothing more than a length of material
Whose design, like fashion, shifts with the seasons.
Young and old will wrap it around their necks,
As though coiling a snake.
In spring its jeweled, dewy scales will glisten.
Its amber eyes will rise, its slim tongue hissing in your ear.
Still, time matures into summer,
Shedding the skin away, leaving behind a garment
Empty of use. Discarded without a second thought.


L. P. Lee