Interview with model, actress, and pianist Sara Brajovic

Interview with model, actress, and pianist Sara Brajovic

Spleen interviewed the Vogue model, it-fashion blogger, actress, pianist, and King’s College London graduate. 

You’ve attended different fashion weeks around the world – from London to Ukraine. Do you find that there are similarities between designers within the same country?

Yes, creative people don’t differ very much from country to country . They are all trying to express something. What differs is the way their respective countries are organised in allowing young talents to emerge.

What are your favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2014 collections? Is there a trend which you think will be particularly big?

I absolutely fell in love with the Chloe SS 2014 collection as it was a different interpretation of the usual Parisienne theme. I have seen a lot of cropped tops and this is a trend that suits me well so I think I will be trendy this Spring /Summer. I think it is always best to adapt the trend to yourself instead of the other way around.

I’ve heard you’re working on a book. Would you be willing to tell me more about it? You also say you’re an actor at heart…do you have any projects concerning the film industry? Many models say that the shift from modeling to acting is quite easy. Do you find that this is true?

I am writing a book. It would love to talk about it more but I am not there yet.
I come a family of artists and during my modelling days I did a lot of TV commercials. I don’t find acting to be difficult – in fact I find a lot of modelling shoots very difficult. Also the industry is quite tough on models and you have to have a very tough stomach. Acting is very different as it allows you to explore human psyche. There is much more empathy in this industry.

You can read more about Sara Brajovic on her fashion blog:

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Interviewed by Léa Carresse


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